Greensville Trust

“Sacred education is a God given right of each person that begins prior to birth. Our mission is to deliver this inalienable right thereby facilitating our ultimate purpose, to know God.”

Payment Details

Once a student has been accepted onto the course, he/she will be notified of all matters pertaining to payment including payment deadlines. Please find below the manner in which payment can be made.


Payment can be made in cash to the Futuwwa Administration so long as it is done in person. Please do not send cash in the post.


Cheques can be made payable to 'Greensville Trust'. A confirmation email should be sent to upon posting the cheque.

Bank Transfer

Payment can be made into Greensville Trust's bank, whether it is through online banking or by visiting one's bank. Please remember to use the following payment reference

  1. The course code; i.e. FR
  2. The initials of the student; e.g. MA (for Muhammad Amin)
  3. The payment type and year; i.e. D1435 (for deposits) and FP1435 (for final payment)

So a complete reference for a deposit would be FR MA D1435 (for deposits) or FR MA FP1435 (for final payments)

Students are advised to request the aforementioned reference from the bank clerk prior to initiating the transaction and then to notify the Sojourn Administration, by email, of the transaction amount, date and the said payment reference.

Bank Details

  1. Bank: Islamic Bank of Britain
  2. Account Name: Greensville Trust
  3. Account Number: 01234401
  4. Sort Code: 30-00-83