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“Verily Rukanah wrestled the Prophet, may the prayers and peace be upon him, took him down.”
[Abu Dawud]

Futuwwa Sports, with the help of its partners, will launch five new clubs across the North & South of England with the aim of reviving the art of wrestling.

Alyaydin Milyazimov, the head coach and trainer, has wrestled from a young age competing at national and international competitions and has over ten years' experience as a freestyle wrestling coach. He has coached successful wrestling teams in Bulgaria and has trained students who have gone on to win numerous medals at national and international level.

Initially, the club will be open to adults with the view to also accommodate children within the coming year.

For more information about the club, visit Registrations.

About Wrestling

Wrestling instils discipline and the importance of adhering to principles which are both paramount to an aspiring believer. By mastering these skills, one naturally will develop the potential to excel in religious obligations and duties that relate to God and His dependents.

It also imparts lessons on how to cope with adversity and positively address challenges faced in one’s life.