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“Sacred education is a God given right of each person that begins prior to birth. Our mission is to deliver this inalienable right thereby facilitating our ultimate purpose, to know God.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1) It has been a long time since I last attended lessons or a course to learn about my faith will I still benefit from attending the Micro-Madrasa?

Yes. The first year of the course ensures that the key obligatory knowledge within each of the subjects is conveyed. Hence, the course is suitable for people at all levels irrespective of their prior experience in an academic setting or lack thereof.

  • 2) Can I choose what topics I want to study? I only want to learn how to pray.

The course is designed in a holistic manner so that the student gains a broad understanding of the religion by the end of the foundational year. As such, it is a requirement that one studies each subject in the foundational year. The same applies for Year Two and Three.

  • 3) How long does each class usually last?

Generally, each class lasts for 50-60 minutes. Some classes may be given extra time if needed

  • 4) Is there any extra study to complete during the week?

One may be set homework for certain subjects at the discretion of the teacher. All students are strongly encouraged to spend time outside of class to revise and consolidate past lessons.

  • 5) What do students usually do after their three years at the Micro-Madrasa are completed?

There are various paths that may be pursued after the completion of the Micro-Madrasa. The key aims are to implement that which one has learned and to be a source of benefit for other. This may result in students travelling abroad to further their studies, carrying out dawah/social work in one’s community, and so on.

  • 6) Is there any material such as books which I will have to purchase during the course of three years?

All course texts, for each year of the Micro-Madrasa, are provided at the start of the course. Students may purchase additional texts that have been recommended by the teachers.

  • 7) Do I need to sit exams?

All students are required to sit exams unless they wish to study as an audit student. Please note that an audit student - should they sit through all three years of the Madrasa - would not be considered to have completed the Micro-Madrasa course. More information about audit students can be found in the student handbook (which students receive upon starting the course).

  • 8) I am a mother of young children, is there any child care available when I attend the Micro-Madrasa?

Please see Child Care

  • 9) How many weeks is the Micro-Madrasa, and are there any holidays?

There are three trimesters in a year that can be between 10-14 weeks long. There are usually breaks between each trimester and the academic year ends prior to the commencement of Ramadan.

  • 10) Is there any financial support available if I struggle to pay the fee for the course?

There are a limited number of grants available and these need to be applied for prior to the start of the academic year.

  • 11) Where can I park at the Liverpool/Huddersfield Micro-Madrasa?

There is free parking available in the car park at the Huddersfield Madrasa. In Liverpool, there is free parking available near Felicity House within walking distance.

  • 12) What is the youngest age a person can be to study at the Micro-Madrasa?

The course is aimed at adults. As such, applications from children over the age of 16 will be processed.

  • 13) How much extra does the Sanctuary retreat cost?

There are no extra costs for attending the Sanctuary.

  • 14) Can I go back to my community and teach what I have learnt?

Students who have studied all three levels will typically consult our teachers at the madrasa as to how they can benefit their communities.